#110 The Lottery Ticket

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Travis review:

This is sort of a “The Monkey’s Paw” story although nobody gets money and at least in the point where the story ends, nobody dies… although suicide is contemplated. This is about greed and the projected futures people see of themselves and others when they expect an easy fortune. What should be cause for hopeful celebration is quickly passed over as the twins selfishness and jealously are born between them. Like children in a sandbox refusing to share, Ivan believes that his wife will waste the money on travel she would not appreciate and fears that “I should be dependent upon her.” It should also be noted that the story is told from Ivan’s point of view. He is the one delaying the reading of the numbers and all his angry, dark thoughts are his alone. The tension he sees in his wife’s face may not be the same that he is feeling. I have no doubt she is reading his vibes, feeling his negative emotions as “He walked about the room and went on thinking.”  Plus the poor lady is anxiously waiting to hear if the ticket has won. Regardless, the ticket and the anticipation of wealth looks to be the undoing of this marriage as Ivan has shown his true, immature, selfish nature.

Rating: 5

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