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#199 In The Ravine

You can find today’s 16,430 word novelette here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/199.html Travis review: This noirish story feels complete even though it is open ended with life continuing in spite of tragedies and upheavals to a certain family. It is interesting that Chekhov’s kicks off this story with the tale of Ukleevo, the village known for “the deacon ate... Read More »

#184 My Life

Please find the 37,799 word novella here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/184.html Travis review: Chekhov presents as he has in many stories, a passionate young man full of intense ideology. Unlike most of the young men in his stories though, Misail is cut from a different cloth. His talk is not idle bluster. He follows through on his passion to... Read More »

#177 Three Years

Find today’s 35,540 word novella here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/177.html Travis review: This is a long story. Through 17 chapters this downbeat low-key drama takes place over the course of three years, but it felt like ten or more. There are many good moments as the story tracks the marriage of wealthy merchant heir to a girl he’d seen... Read More »

#174 The Teacher of Literature

Today’s 9145 word story can be found here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/174.html Travis review: Today’s story can be framed as a young schoolteacher who pulled himself up from poverty and marries into a wealthy family only have his optimistic, happy nature turn into existential turmoil when he learns he might not have been a master of his own fate.... Read More »

#171 A Woman’s Kingdom

Please find today’s 16,216 word novelette story here http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/171.html Travis review: Anna Akimovna is a frustrating character. Because she is in a unique position of power and resources, she can change several of the situations that upset her. Anna is filled with insecurities and although she is aware of people cheating her and taking bribes at the expense of her... Read More »

#110 The Lottery Ticket

Find today’s 1957 word story http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/110.html Travis review: This is sort of a “The Monkey’s Paw” story although nobody gets money and at least in the point where the story ends, nobody dies… although suicide is contemplated. This is about greed and the projected futures people see of themselves and others when they expect an easy fortune. What... Read More »