#111 Too Early!

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Travis review:

This is not a story about children getting up in the morning for Christmas or having to catch a train at a very inconvenient hour. Nope, it about two ne’er-do-well alcoholics who pawned their guns so they could drink. “…ah, I wish I had never looked at it, the cursed vodka! Truly it is the blood of Satan!” I couldn’t tell if Chekhov was trying to be comical, as seen with the hulking and mental challenged Ignat following and repeating phrases form Slyunka, or sadly poignant as these men waste energy on a thing that didn’t matter. If it were either, I’d say it failed. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the story as nothing really happened and like the Ignat and Slyunka gunlessly hunting for a snipe in the woods out of season, it felt like a waste of time.

Rating: 3

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