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#144 Kashtanka

Please find the 7785 word story here: Travis review: This is the second time that Chekhov has used an animal’s POV to tell a story. The last time it was from the point of view of kitten in a few sections from Who Was To Blame. This a full 7000-plus word story broken into seven... Read More »

#143 Boys

Find today’s 2440 work story here. Travis review: This story is full of childhood innocence and adventurous grand ideas. Chekhov sets the scene for the most perfect Russian family when not only the parents and siblings are excited about the Volodya’s return from school, but so is the dog. “Bow-wow!” barked the huge black dog, Milord,... Read More »

#142 The Kiss

Find today’s 7670 word story here: Travis review: While there are many parts of this story that I like, I found it disappointing in the end. In a case of mistaken identity, Ryabovitch, a shy, “little officer in spectacles, with sloping shoulders, and whiskers like a lynx’s” is accidentally kissed by a woman in dark... Read More »

#141 In Trouble

Find today’s 2503 word story here: Travis review: Today’s story reminds me of a scandal that broke out in a Los Angeles suburb, The City of Bell. Avdeyev is a merchant and a bank auditor, although he signs papers he doesn’t read and even admitted to overhearing the arrested managers of the failed bank bragging about... Read More »

#140 The Lion and the Sun

Today’s story is 1540 words long and can be found here: Travis Review: This is a funny story about how some medals and awards are achieved in the world. Stepan did not necessarily earn the Lion and Sun award by doing anything noble. Far from it. He made an ass out himself to the... Read More »

#139 Expensive Lessons

Find today’s 2389 word story here: Travis review: This is the story about a slob who likes the idea of being multilingual and believes himself to be superior to his tutor, but his ideals versus reality are very far apart. Typically when Chekhov has a character being cheated by wily peasants (Malingers) or used selfishly (Anyuta) I... Read More »

#138 The Cattle-Dealers

Find today’s 7162 word story here: Travis review: This is a long story about a father and son hauling eight vans of cattle across Russia and the bribes they must pay to the railroad stationmasters, guards and workers to get from one stop to the next. I personally felt offended reading this, but for Malahin, the... Read More »

#137 The Old House (A Story told by a Houseowner)

Find today’s 2424 word story here: Travis review: In today’s story, Chekhov tells a tale of misfortune through the voice of a landlord. It could be summarized as the slow downfall of a family after the mother’s death. This story stood out to me for it’s writing style. Long, blocky paragraphs with summaries and foreshadowing.... Read More »

#136 A Problem

Find today’s 2687 word story here: Travis review: What is there to say about today’s story. It is the tale of a spoiled, self-centered brat. He has forged a check in his uncle’s name and lives a libertine-type lifestyle. Not unlike has-been celebrities who are penniless from a wild lifestyle and beg forgiveness, only to... Read More »

#135 The Runaway

Find today’s 2930 word story here: Travis review: Chekhov again uses a child’s innocent perspective to convey a sad, heartbreaking tale. In this case the story is framed through seven year old Pashka’s perspective. He does not understand that in the morning he will lose a limb. Although it isn’t clearly stated, it seems the... Read More »