#141 In Trouble

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Travis review:

Today’s story reminds me of a scandal that broke out in a Los Angeles suburb, The City of BellAvdeyev is a merchant and a bank auditor, although he signs papers he doesn’t read and even admitted to overhearing the arrested managers of the failed bank bragging about their illegal activities. He has no conscience about that his silence as well as signing the document has made him complicit with the crimes. “I wasn’t the only one: the whole town knew of it,” laughed Avdeyev. “Besides, I haven’t the time to hang about the law courts, damn them!” He maintains this aloof demeanor throughout the rest of the story, from his arrest and the trial and final punishment. Only when he sees his family, devastated by poverty, does his actions finally sink in. It’s hard to feel sympathetic for Avdeyev even though he is naive (or hard headed bordering on stupidity.) At the beginning he is even harsh on the arrested managers, even though he had accepted a loan from their bank and blindly approved their malfeasance. Over all it was a decent story, watching a corrupt man finally realize the mistakes he has made after it is much too late.

Rating: 5


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