#180 Anna On The Neck

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Travis review:

Anna on the Neck is a Cinderella story of a woman blossoming and realizing the power of youth and beauty that she possesses. I like the efficiency and completeness of this story. Chekhov starts off with a couple boarding the train just after getting married, but not the marriage. We see that Anna’s father is a lush long before we are told the reason why. When we find out later that Anna didn’t want to marry this man, but that circumstances pushed her in that direction, they are in their compartment already in motion, going to the next town. Some of Chekhov’s longer works give meticulous linear detail. This story did not and is better for it. Another aspect that makes this story feel very real is that when Anna’s transformation is complete, she does not become a virtuous and charitable woman who remembers her roots by lending hand to her impoverished family. Instead she becomes a monster socialite, sending bills to her miserly husband while rushing from engagement to engagement.


Rating: 8


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