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#193 A Doctor’s Visit

Find today’s 4529 word short story here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/193.html Travis review: It today’s story Korolyov, a doctor from Moscow, comes out to a small factory town to look at an ailing heiress. He rides into town with extreme prejudice and irritation. He sees the peasant class workers leading drunken, pointless lives. Korolyov hates the factory’s owner’s... Read More »

#075 Martyrs

Find our 75th story here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/075.html  Travis Review: Today’s 2008 word story should not be confused with the 2008 French film bearing the same name that I’ve refused to watch, because, as I understand it, once you’ve seen the disturbing flick, you cannot unsee it. This story is about a psychosomatic socialite caught up in the... Read More »