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#195 The New Villa

Please find today’s 5781 word story here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/195.html Travis review: I liked this story because it got under my skin. It the story of wealthy, well-intentioned people building a house in a small village and dealing with the petty and belligerent peasants. Unlike My Life, which had the peasants acting in selfish and horrible ways to the... Read More »

#187 At Home

Please find today’s 4973 word short story here: http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/187.html Travis review Today’s story is very different than The Peasants although both stories feature people returning to their childhood homes. Vera comes back to the steppe after inheriting her father’s estate. Having spent several years abroad she sees potential for her old home, but she is... Read More »

#186 The Petchenyeg

Find today’s 4279 word story http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/186.html Travis  The Petchenyeg is a humorous story about an obtuse, obnoxious man who doesn’t know how offensive he is. While Chekhov makes Zhmuhin absurd with his stupid questions and opinions, readers also witness the effects that the ignorant and arrogant man has had on his sons and wife. I don’t know that... Read More »

#048 The Requiem

Find today 2059 word story here:  http://www.chekhovshorts.com/stories/048.html Travis Review: Societal prejudices can run deep, even against family members. Such is the case for Andrey Andreyitch, a shopkeeper who believed he was doing the right thing by requesting a prayer for his departed daughter. The problem is how he wrote the note. “For the rest of the soul... Read More »