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Travis review:

In the past I’ve said that Chekhov often uses restraint when it comes to conflict, but into today’s story there are two murders. I’m not sure that the title “An Adventure” is the most appropriate. There are elements of adventure, however thriller or suspense might be better to denote the sinister activities within the tale. The subtitle “A Driver’s Story”, however, is perfect as the story is told as one long monologue as a driver takes his fare through the woods. The driver, an admitted drunk, has probably told the story many times to his passengers. He embellishes many details, including his father’s conversation at the bar and the actions of the highwaymen. Chekhov’s gun was set up when Anyutka, the narrator’s sister, is set on the oven next to a sleeping girl her age. I felt there would be a switch, but I didn’t expect murder as Chekhov often seems to avoid those incidents at all cost. But then again, he had killed the narrator’s father a few paragraphs earlier. A man who predicted his own fate earlier in the bar. “If you have no money you have no care, if you have money you must watch over your pocket the whole time that wicked men may not rob you.” This is crime story, through and through. I felt for Anyutka and had hoped that she would turn the tables on the thieves once they had passed out, but Chekhov provided a more realistic and sad conclusion.

Rating: 8